Elen224 Chapter 1 figs

Alan Robert Clark

December 9, 2005

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Figure 1: Typical Op-Amp symbol

Figure 2: A model of the Ideal Op-Amp

Figure 3: The Inverting configuration

Figure 4: The quest for a Virtual Earth

Figure 5: An Integrator configuration.

Figure 6: The Differentiator Configuration

Figure 7: The Weighted Summer

Figure 8: The non-inverting configuration

Figure 9: Equivalent circuit of the non-inverting Op-Amp

Figure 10: A Unity-gain voltage follower

Figure 11: A Difference Amplifier

Figure 12: Simple Intrumentation Amplifier

Figure 13: A Standard Instrumentation Amplifier

Figure 14: Usual view of Instrumentation Amp

Figure 15: A Model of the Offset voltage problem.

Figure 16: The problem of an offset voltage in closed loop

Figure 17: AC-Coupling the amplifier

Figure 18: Bias currents modelled as current sinks

Figure 19: Bias Currents causing an offset voltage.

Figure 20: The Pinouts for the 741

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